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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Aaron Davis who was born in Iowa on September 21, 2007 and passed away on September 21, 2007 . We will remember him forever.   We went in for a routine ultrasound to find out that Aaron was very ill.  I had a CMV virus in the beginning of my pregnancy that must have been passed onto Aaron.  After this ultrasound we went in a week later hoping that we had recieved our miracle for a healthy boy.  We did recieve a miracle just not the one we had hoped for.  Our miracle is that our son would not suffer, be in pain or struggle for life any longer.  He was able to go home to this daddy in heaven.  A couple of days later they induced labor & Aaron was born at 2:30 AM on Friday morning.  He was born with all his fingers & toes and as precious as could be.  He shares the same profile as his three brothers Tyler, Dylan and Jacob.  They all love & miss Aaron very much.  So does his mommy & daddy, grandmas, grandpas, Aunts, Uncles and cousins. 

Losing a child is the worst thing anyone could go through in life.  My husband and I are very thankful to have each other and our love for God to survive losing Aaron, He is our Rock and our strength and our salvation.  We believe he is also taking care of our boy for us until we can join him.

Please take the time to light a candle for him! Lots of Love Danny and Robin Davis

Tributes and Condolences
Missin on you   / Mommy
My arms still literally ache to hold you son!! Your brother Jacob & sister Payton have been home with th flu this week. As their fevers spike a fear overwhelms me at times. I know I have to give these fears to God. Sometimes easier said then do...  Continue >>
Hugs & Kisses   / Mommy
Aaron no words can express the sorrow that I still feel because you are not here with me. Although it has almost been 7 years the pain of losing you still feels like yesterday. As your oldest brother Tyler ventured off into a new career & got enga...  Continue >>
Time Flies   / Tyler (Oldest brother )
I can not believe it has been 6 years since this tragic event. You have forever changed me and everyone's life to know and hold that we should not take anything in life for granted no matter how big or small. Also, that out of every sad situation som...  Continue >>
from your big brother Jacob   / Jacob
I hope your sitting in gods hands right now.  you are in very very good hands.
MISS YOU BROTHER   / Jacob Davis (Big Brother )
I miss you a lot brother. i wood give up my life for yours my frand.loveyou Aaron. I wunder what it is like in heaven
3 year anniversary  / Mommy (Mommy)    Read >>
Missin Ya  / Dylan Davis (Big Brother )    Read >>
Missing you baby boy  / Mommy     Read >>
To Aaron  / Dylan Davis (brother)    Read >>
Your in our thoughts and prayers  / Charlene Miner (angel mom )    Read >>
We miss you!  / Jennifer Davis (Aunt)    Read >>
Praying for the Davis family  / Juanita Limas (friend)    Read >>
We will always miss you  / Dylan Davis (brother)    Read >>
To My Son,  / Danny Davis (Father)    Read >>
I so sorry for your beautiful loss  / Lorraine My~*~ Patrick Rosas-Rochelle (Connected by Angels )    Read >>
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